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Pendlebury is one of the most beautiful places in the UK. Pendlebury is on a ridge overlooking the lower Irwell Valley. This town has a mix of industrial and residential areas despite the closure of the mines and most of its cotton mills. One of its landmarks is the 45-acre Northern or Agecroft Cemetery which was opened on July 2, 1903. 

The town has also a non-conformist burial chapel with a crematorium and a well-known churchyard of High Anglican St. Augustine’s Church which comprehends a memorial to 178 men who died in a disaster at Clifton Hall Colliery. There is also a Pendlebury War Memorial; a stone cross that was built in memory of the brave men from the Collieries who offered their lives for the country. The 24 names of the men who worked for Andrew Knowles and Sons have been inscribed in this stone cross.

When you sympathize with a deceased person, the first thing you would think is to give him flowers. Funeral flowers are not easy to find. Here in Pendlebury Florist we have many stocks of different Pendlebury flowers especially for burial. You can choose a variety of designed Pendlebury flower bouquets in our flower shop. 

We do not only sell burial flowers but also different Pendlebury flower bouquets for all occasions. May it be for birthday, wedding, Valentine’s Day, graduation day, anniversary, and many more; name any occasion and we can provide our best Pendlebury flower bouquets for you. 

Just take what you like the most from our best-selling Pendlebury flower bouquet, namely: Blazing Beauty, Elizabeth, Timeless Whites, Arcadia Basket, Hatbox, Sweet Memories, Sunshine Giftbox, White Lily Bouquet, Pure Pastels, Allure Hat Box, Raspberry Red, Wild About You, Luxury 6 Red Roses, Crazy in Love, Strawberry, and English Garden which price ranges from £31.99 to £45.99. Surely our Pendlebury flower bouquets are worthy of every penny that you will pay.

In Pendlebury Florist, our flowers have been carefully selected, and the staff in our flower shop really takes good care of them, too. We always see to it that we have the finest stock of fresh flowers. Pendlebury Florist always gives the best to our customers because we value our shoppers as much as we value the reputation of our flower shop. 

As you enter our flower shop, you could see that there are lots of rare Pendlebury flowers and these flowers manifest real beauty. The staff in Pendlebury Florist is very creative in designing the Pendlebury flower bouquets, any kinds of Pendlebury flowers; we can make them unique and exquisitely designed.

Can’t personally go to our flower shop? Need not to worry because here in Pendlebury Florist we have our flower shop flower delivery that is responsible for sending your Pendlebury flower bouquets to the addressee. You can guarantee that Pendlebury Florist flower delivery is always on time in sending the Pendlebury flower bouquets. 

You can place your order thru messaging our website or by calling the Pendlebury Florist’s telephone number. The service of our flower delivery won’t disappoint you, so purchase Pendlebury flower bouquet now in Pendlebury Florist. In Pendlebury Florist, we have the best team reserved for our flower delivery. 

Our flower delivery has a great role in Pendlebury Florist, if not for the staff in our flower delivery team, we can never send your flower bouquet safely to the recipient. Rest your worries to the staff of our flower delivery because the assigned staff will be the one to send your flower bouquet to your loved one or special someone who is dear to your heart. We hope to see you in our flower shop or you can just visit the website of Pendlebury Florist. Experience the convenience and the good service of Pendlebury Florist and our flower shop’s flower delivery. Happy shopping!

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